Construction Update 19024

This was a long day of site visits!

There’s so much going on!


Here we see the concrete finally got poured for this small barn. The weather has not been on our side in these last few weeks.

This portion of the property will hold mostly cows, so the owner opted for bull wire fencing.

The landscaping is to border a small retention pond on the outside of the field.

The split rail at the side entrance is gorgeous, and matches the main entrance.



This training center owner went with vinyl fencing for the beauty, durability, and saftey

Here you see paddocks with no right angles or sharp corners. As well as wide access paths between.

Perfectly level posts! That’s a perfect start to a great fence!


Here we have a wonderful shop – office space.

The horse barn looks fantastic! This crew is knocking it out of the park.


This is a spray foam insulation job in Williston.

It’s an awesome product, that we really recommend!

Until next time!