Farms, Ranches, and Barns

Unique – Innovative – Beautiful

We love to build custom farms, ranches, and barns with both character and function.

With personal, real world experience in farm management, we are a leader in modern farm, vintage farm, ranch, or training center development.

We specialize in turn-key projects. Meaning, the Archifence crew can manage the entire build from start to finish. We have dedicated crews for: sod, asphalt, concrete, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and more.

Our unique way of organizing a custom farm or training center sets us apart.

We break the project down by sectors, similar to designing a city! We analyze the social, individual, and service needs of both the owner and animal. In fact, the majority of attention is given to the animals needs. We make it beautiful for the client, & comfortable for the horse! 

After the design is complete, we call in the contractors for a team meeting. We network, strategize, create a financial plan, and budget. As a team, we decide how to break a big project into little sectors. Our goal is to make the project run as efficiently as possible.

During the entire process, we maintain great client communication.

We believe in having frequent conversations, with complete transparency.

Let Archifence help you design and build your dream farm, ranch, equine training center, or barn!