Construction Update 2019031

We are braving the cold today! It’s 36 degrees here in Florida, and we are cold, but it sure is beautiful!

First stop, new homesite on 464, in Morriston. The owner is building the barns first, then the house will follow.

This concrete block horse barn is coming out beautifully. Its a full service barn! Apartment, stalls, foaling stalls, and great ventilation for our Florida heat.

Here is the shop and tool room coming right along!

The tool room is simply made with half inch plywood, with a high quality clear coat. Not only is it great looking, but provides a strong backing for hanging tools.

Last week you saw we were finally able to pour concrete on this barn. We are so happy the weather has continued to cooperate, and progress is happening more quickly now!

Gorgeous material!

Until next time!