About Us

Guil’s passion for horses was instilled by his grandfather from a very young age. Interest and study blossomed into a better understanding of horses and their environment. The safety of the horse, their comfort, their stress level down to the smallest detail is carefully considered in the planning in each project from site-plans to a fence job or forĀ full-blown training.

Guil brought 15 years of design and construction when he moved to the United States in 1995. The first experience in US soil was working with the envelope of Miami Skyscrapers, but the country life was calling and he moved to Ocala, FL, the horse capital of the world.

After working almost 7 years in horse management, Guil was able to start GB Fence in 2002 and rapidly developed to Archifence in 2004. During these 13 years, he was able to expand horse design and development into barn design, horse farm offices, house remodeling, and house designing such as stick frame houses, block houses, and even container houses, a full General Contracting Business. The passion for horses, architecture, and the need of detail allowed Archifence, Inc. to create solutions for any kind of construction.